01 March 2008

I control my name

As of yesterday, I am the owner of michaelgrillo.com, michaelgrillo.net, michaelgrillo.org and michaelgrillo.info. It's a small investment--about $30 a year--but reliable sources at seanhenri.com tell me that this will go a long way in protecting my online identity.

There are many Michael Grillos in this crazy world of ours: some are professors, others are directors and producers, and there are at least 30 of us on Facebook actively or passively flouting the fact that we are Italian. But only one Michael Grillo--THIS Michael Grillo--is Web-savvy enough to take control of his name--nay, his IDENTITY--and prevent other Michael Grillos from having their name as a URL.

God, I love myself.

As you may have seen, the URL merely redirects to this blog. I did not yet wish to take the plunge and pay $4 per month for hosting privileges on 1and1.com, the domain name site I used. Expect big things in the future, though: don't forget, there's only ONE Michael Grillo, and you're looking at him.


Anonymous said...

Congrats. Now you just need to own the search results for your name.

Anonymous said...

The author of mlgrillo.blogspot.com has written an excellent article. You have made your point and there is not much to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not argue with: You can never lose you last bit of decency, it just gets flipped to 0 every once and a while. Thanks for the info.

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